Services We Offer

Your Palm Beach Chiropractor, Dr. Buonadonna offers the following services in his Lake Park office.

See below for more detailed explanation of services.

If you experience any of the following chiropractic ailments you should visit Dr. B.:

  • Neck Pain
  • Back Pain
  • Headaches
  • Sciatica
  • Spasms
  • Foot Pain
  • Numbness
  • Tingling

North Palm Beach Chiropractic Services

Chiropractic Care

Care for the proper alignment of the spine.  The basis of Chiropractic care is that a properly aligned spine removes interference in the nervous system thus allowing the brain and body to effectively communicate. In our daily lives, we often do a lot to disrupt the flow of impulses from the brain to the body without even realizing that we are doing that. Misalignment doesn’t only come from trauma and car accidents, activities from sports, to job related activities to raising children, maintaining our homes and yards can cause structural misalignment of the spine and result in nerve interference. When there is interference along the nerve pathway, there will be dysfunction of that nerve and wherever it goes.


We take our own radiographs on site to make the Chiropractic experience as comfortable and efficient as possible for our patients. No need to send someone out to a radiologist or to an outside facility, we can take and process our own films on site using high speed films and image intensification screens to use the shortest exposure times possible. Having X-rays of the spine allows us to rule out pathologies, cancers, dislocations or fractures as the source of pain and allows us to see and analyze the underlying structure of the body for optimal correction.

Disc Decompression

We offer Spinal disc decompression therapy in our office for patients who have bulging and herniated or degenerated discs along the spinal column. The discs of the spine separate the bony segments (vertebrae) and provide a soft cushion for shock absorption, spacing and flexibility. When we are young, the discs have a lot of water content and are very resilient which explains why very few young people have problems like sciatica. As we age, we become less flexible and the discs begin to dehydrate, as a result, the disc becomes prone to damage and the fibers that hold it in place can tear. The remaining fluids in the disc can extrude outwards and create a bulge or a herniation. These can then put pressure on the spinal nerves and cause muscle tension, back pain, sciatica, numbness in the arms and hands among other symptoms.

Disc decompression uses state of the art technology to treat the neck and lower back. It is a non-surgical, non-invasive procedure that aids in reducing pain and increasing the mobility of the spine. By removing the pressure on the spinal nerves, we can reduce the pain and restriction and return patients to their regular level of activity in a shorter time period than ever before without any harmful side effects or post surgical complications.


Everyday our feet take a pounding…literally. With every step, our feet have a very important  and complex job to do and they do it day after day, year after year, millions of steps a year. Our feet are models of engineering with 26 bones in each foot (25% of the bones in the body are located in the feet), each designed to do a specific task at a specific time during the walking step. Our feet are designed with arches and ligaments and muscular components to propel us through our daily lives, but like many other things, they take a beating on a daily basis. Poorly designed footwear, ill fitting footwear, hard flat surfaces and injuries can have an effect on the ability of our feet to do their job properly. As we age and spend the majority of our time walking on hard, flat surfaces (tile, wood floors, concrete) we tend to hammer the arch out of our feet and begin to develop “flat feet” or “fallen arches”. This can have a negative effect on the ability of the foot to perform properly which results in foot pain, and can progress to ankle, knee, hip or even low back pain. Orthotics are designed to help correct the feet much like glasses help correct poor eyesight.

Our computerized orthotic scanner takes a motion picture analysis of your foot as you walk across a mat that is connected to the computer. It will capture the most minute deviations in the normal stepping process and allow us to make the best change possible to restore normal function to your feet. They are very technologically advanced orthotics made of heat molded thermoplastic and are very slim and they fit into your shoes as comfortably as an insole.


Our office utilizes specialized soft tissue therapy equipment and procedures called Endermotherapie. This piece of equipment from France is state of the art in helping reduce soft tissue adhesions, muscle spasms, increasing flexibility and improving circulation and connective tissue repair.


Massage therapy helps you relax, re-align and rejuvenate. There are many positive aspects to receiving massage therapy on an ongoing basis, and with the busy lives we lead, we can all benefit from a little stress-management. Dr. B will work with the therapist provide exceptional care and will design an effective customized massage treatment to address your individual needs whether as a result of a car accident, sports injury or just day to day life stresses.

Massage therapy relaxes muscles, easing and soothing your aches and pains. It rejuvenates– restoring balance to our body and being, making us better for all the things life throws our way.

Our office offers several different types of massage to meet your specific care needs from Swedish Massage for overall body relaxation to deep tissue massage to loosen stubborn knots and adhesions that reside in overstressed muscles  that keep your muscles tied up and tense. Our therapist is also certified in  Pre-Natal massage for expecting mothers.